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Today, nearly 3,000 people sit on death row in the United States.1

Some common


about the death penalty...

It's cheaper.


A death penalty case costs many times more than the cost of maximum-security imprisonment for life.2 3

Average cost of a death penalty case in Texas:4
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Total cost of death penalty cases in California since 1978:5
California 8a9b020015b09ffdd67a10df069ef3acdc59d2f2e0179dc572085dbf9b5085ba

It deters murder.


Murder rates are actually 28% higher in death penalty states.6

88% of expert criminologists agree that executions do not lower homicide rates.7

innocent, but dead.

Over two dozen people executed by the death penalty are now believed to have been innocent.8

Another 150+ people were "near misses" — exonerated after spending an average of 11 years on death row.9

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One study found that jurors are


more likely to recommend a death sentence for a black defendant than for a white defendant in a similar case11

Cases with white victims are significantly more likely to face death penalty charges. Why?

A study in Georgia found the following disparity:10

Race of victims in all eligible homicide cases

Race of victims in cases that ended in death penalty

It's highly unusual for a democratic society to have such a violent policy.

Most executions, by country (2015):12

#1 China
#2 Iran
#3 Pakistan
#4 Saudi Arabia
#5 United States

For the past decade, a majority of Americans have prefered other punishments for murder, such as life without parole.13

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